Therapeutic Ride Algoma

A Non-Profit Therapeutic and Recreational Riding Program for People with Disabilites
Our apologies!
TRA has been working at moving to
our new location.   Unfortunately we have
encountered several setbacks and obstacles.
This has delayed our program start-up once again.
Our goal is now to begin sessions Spring 2015
and run the program from spring until fall.
As well as the relocation, TRA is currently working to
certify two new instructors to CanTRA standards and update
our programming.
We are excited about starting up in 2015 new and improved!
Bob Trainor, President Therapeutic Ride Algoma

Check back for updates as available.
Contact Bob and Diane Trainor for more info:

TRA now has an email account:

TRA 2013-14 Board Members:

President: Bob Trainor
Presidential Adviser: Jeff Fera
Treasurer / Secretary: Diane Trainor
Volunteer Coordinator: Megan Oak
Board Member: Kathy Sylvestre

Instructor: Deb Burt

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